About Us

Welcome to the online home of the Michigan Aerospace and Robotics Verification Lab (MARVL)! We verify real-world, safety-critical systems. Our research focuses on verifying safety for cyber-physical systems in the ways they are deployed. Our research interests include:

  • formal verification for numerical methods
  • synchronous programming with verification for robotics
  • collision avoidance for airborne and ground vehicles
  • verification of machine learning
  • verification of control theory

Lab News

  • 06/23: Mohit successfully defended his thesis! Congrats Dr. Tekriwal!
  • 06/23: One paper accepted to FoMLAS ’23
  • 10/22: Two papers accepted to FTSCS ’22
  • 10/22: Nishant presented his work at FMCAD in Trento, Italy
  • 09/22: One paper accepted at SC ’22
  • 07/22: Jean-Baptiste presented at DAC-AS in San Francisco
  • 07/22: One paper accepted at FMCAD ’22
  • 07/22: One paper accepted at EMSOFT ’22
  • 06/22: Congrats to Mohit for winning a Chateubriand Fellowship!